Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First week in Montpellier!

Bonjour! I figured starting a blog was the easiest way to update everyone on my semester abroad in France. I flew in with my friend Kate last Thursday and since then its been pretty crazy, we all feel like we've already been here a few weeks. Aside from a few luggage issues (mainly finding a way to drag the suitcases of several girls, we all overpacked like crazy) getting here was pretty smooth. We flew in to Paris, and took the TGV (train) to Montpellier. It was almost 24 hours of traveling so we were happy to get to out hotel, where we stayed for 2 nights doing orientation things. I moved into my apartment with my friend Victoria from school the next day. We definitely lucked out and got a fairly modern apartment, complete with a small terrace! We've been exploring Montpellier the past weekand its a really cute town with a ton of students. Of course our first night out, the first bar we walk into (about 6-7 of us girls) is filled with men. As soon as we all step inside, we realize its a gay bar and all run out, followed by a bartender who then makes sure we understand that "no women are allowed"...Since then we've found/heard about the RIGHT places to go haha This weekend will be a big time for all of us to explore and get around the town, I don't have classes on Fridays so its like a permanent 3 day weekend! We are all still so excited about everything and speak as much french as possible. And being Americans, we definitely provide a ton of entertainment to the locals. We stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of all black clothing and subdued personalities of everyone else. Meanwhile we speak louder, laugh more, and probably look pretty out of place. It's still pretty surreal living here, but we got some snow today so it felt a little bit more like home.

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