Friday, January 16, 2009

Bike ride to la plage!

So its been two weeks since we got to Montpellier, and I am loving every minute of it! We have been keeping ourselves busy becoming familiar with the city and going to classes. School is still pretty strange, it definitely makes me miss penn state for small things like a nice campus, clean bathrooms, and online resources. Since every class is in french, its taken some getting used to and I still don't know exactly whats going on in some of the classes. I know my way around the city pretty well so far, the french like to go out pretty much the majority of the week so its a pretty busy little city. I've met some really cool people from my program, a lot of them are from Penn State and we never met until this trip! Its a fun group, and today we rented bikes and rode to the beach. The french idea of a bike path is not even close to anything ive ever been was basically a dirt road with big jagged rocks sticking out so you bounced pretty much the entire way, unless you were going up or down one of the huge dirt ramps they included. For a while, I was convinced we were lost because nothing was labeled and we were riding by farms and stuff but eventually we got to the beach! Its not warm enough to actually hang out but it was really pretty to see and a cool ride down there. We got to pass some typical french neighborhoods and landscapes (along with some gypsies and horsefarms). We also got to experience the reaaallly weird european public watch the video to see how it works! We're all really sore from the bikes though, definitely not used to sitting on a bike for hours. Next weekend, we go to Provence so it'll be fun to have our first real outing traveling around France!

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